Friday, September 28, 2012

Renovations for the Elderly & Disabled

Renovations for the Elderly & Disabled

While there are many renovations that we plan for years and look forward to eagerly, the unexpected need for some renovations can catch us unawares. Through age, accident or disease, we can suddenly find ourselves needing to make changes in our homes to accommodate the special needs of family members. Sometimes this involves wheelchair ramps or lifts, handrails, bathroom renovations and more.

Painters USA, skilled in much more than just painting, provides home remodeling and renovation services in the Chicago area. We can help you modify your home to make it accessible and safe for family members who have limited mobility or other disabling conditions.

Wheelchair Access: Most homes are not built with wheelchair access in mind, and may need significant modifications to allow for access and a manageable lifestyle. Painters USA can help with the following items:

  •  Exterior Wheelchair Ramps
  •  Interior Ramps
  •  Wheelchair Lifts
  •  Lower Sinks
  •  Widened Doorways

Fall Prevention: When a loved one is no longer steady on his or her feet, we suddenly see our home through new eyes. Many hazards that we never noticed quickly become apparent, and we see the need for changes:

  •  Hand Rails in Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  •  Railings on All Steps & Stairways
  •  Walk-in Bathtub
  •  Hand-held Showerhead
  •  Shower Seat
  •  Non-slip Flooring

Whatever your home remodeling needs might be, Painters USA is a great choice. Our office staff communicates respectfully and proactively, and our carpenters and painters are all courteous and highly-trained. We take great care and pride in our work, completing it with excellence. Contact us for a free estimate on wheelchair ramps, bathroom renovations and other accommodations that your need for an elderly or disabled family member.