Saturday, September 03, 2011

Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter
Exterior Woodwork Must Be Prepared for Winter

Every year as the days shorten, we are reminded—however much we want to deny it—that winter is on the way. Only a short season remains before the wind and rain assault our homes, and the ice and snow will shortly follow. These elements don’t just make the winter season less pleasant; they wear down the look of your home, and even attack its structure. For that reason, it is important to adequately prepare your home for the winter season.

1.  Wood surfaces are one of the items that can suffer most if not protected against the environment. Inspect your wood siding, soffits and fascia for signs of paint failure (peeling, cracking or bubbling) or signs of rot. These symptoms might look minor, but six months of darker and damper days will cause the paint to deteriorate rapidly, and moisture can enter, causing rot.

2.  Decks, fences and railings should also be inspected. To test whether your wood is still effectively sealed, drop a cup of water on the surface. If it beads up and remains on the surface, your wood is protected, but if it soaks in, your deck is in danger of splitting, twisting or rotting this winter season.

3.  Caulking is a vital area of concern when preparing the home for winter. Improperly sealed windows and doors cause two major problems. One is that moisture can enter the home, causing wood rot, drywall damage and mildew problems.  A second issue is that heat can escape through these spaces in winter, wasting heating dollars.

If your home exhibits any problems in these areas, or if you need help determining the state of your home, contact a professional painting company for assistance. Painters USA, a Wheaton-based painting contractor, can help you assess your home’s readiness for winter. Our company is devoted to earning our clients’ trust with honest feedback and accurate assessments.  In the event that your Chicago area home does need exterior painting, staining or caulking, Painters USA will be delighted to serve you with professionalism and courtesy.

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