Monday, January 30, 2012

Is It Safe to Paint Inside in Winter?

Is It Safe to Paint Inside in Winter?

Here in the Chicago area where our winters are long, customers often ask us whether it is safe to paint inside in winter. Naturally, they are concerned about possible health concerns because of the strong odor associated with fresh paint. This is an especially strong concern for those who are pregnant, have young children or have respiratory problems like asthma. Fortunately, we can answer clearly and without hesitation that yes, winter is a great time for interior painting!

Most indoor paints are now latex/acrylic water-based products, and though many of them emit that “fresh paint smell” for a time, there are no known ill effects from reasonable amounts of exposure. Even so, many people wish to avoid having those fumes in their living space during the winter when they can’t open windows, because:

-they have special health concerns
-they don’t like the smell
-guests are coming and they don’t want it to smell like fresh paint
-they want to contribute to a purer indoor atmosphere

For situations like this, most paint companies now produce excellent interior paints in Low-VOC and no-VOC formulas. These eco-friendly products are virtually odorless, and as they dry they do not emit the typical compounds associated with fresh paint. With nearly the same price and virtually unlimited color choice, these environmentally friendly paints are a great way to set your mind at ease when you paint the inside of your home this winter.

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