Friday, April 06, 2012

How Do You Store Leftover Paint?

It rarely happens that the final brushstrokes of a painting project also use up the last drops of paint. In fact, it is usually good that there are some leftovers, as this will allow you to touch up areas later if you need to. This leaves us with two important questions regarding leftover paint: How do you store it? and How long will it last?

How Do You Store Leftover Paint?

When storing leftover paint, preventing exposure to air is the key. If you leave the paint in the can, put a layer of plastic wrap in the can, directly on the surface of the paint. Put another across the opening of the can, then apply the lid firmly. Another option is to pour the paint into a smaller container, such as a water bottle or a Tupperware container. The less air inside, the better!

Note: always clearly mark what color of paint it is, and where you used it. Keep the label from the paint store taped to the container so that you can get the same color again if you need to.

How Long Does Leftover Paint Last?

Well-sealed leftover paint can last more than two years. To see if it is still good, stir it and look at it. If it seems stringy or lumpy, or the component parts don't stir back together, throw it out. You can try brushing it on s piece of scrap to see how it performs.

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