Sunday, October 23, 2011

How do I remove mold or mildew from my siding?

How do I remove mold or mildew from my siding?
Mildew Grows On the Shady Side of Houses

Power Washing is Not the Whole Answer for Exterior Mildew Problems!

Mildew and mold, both fungal growths, can grow rampantly here in our humid Chicago climate, particularly on shady areas of our siding and gutters. Showing up as brown, green or black spots and streaks, these common fungi cause two main problems. First, they mar the visual appeal of your home, leaving it dirty and stained. Secondly, if left untreated, mildew and mold can create a health hazard for your family.

Many homeowners respond to mildew and mold with pressure washing. While power washing your siding can remove the appearance of fungal growths, it does not kill the spores, and the problem will not take long to resurface. It’s a bit like mowing the head off a dandelion: your lawn looks nice and even, but the root will grow back quickly.

In order to truly rid your siding and gutters of mold, it is necessary to kill the mold and mildew spores, and then wash the exterior of your home. Mix a ratio of one part mildewcide wash, one part bleach and ten parts water. Use a pump sprayer (garden sprayer) to spray this solution on your siding, one manageable section at a time. Allow the solution to work for about 30 seconds, then use a garden hose or pressure washer to rinse off the residue. The mildew should melt away and rinse right off. If it doesn’t, you can increase the strength of your solution, and/or use a long-handled scrub brush to help. The key is, your cleaning solution should do the majority of the work!

Two additional notes:

1. This blend of mildewcide and bleach with water is not typically harmful to plants, and bleach quickly breaks down in the environment to become inactive. To make extra sure your siding wash does not harm plants or animals, you can use Outdoor Bleach, by Chlorox.

2. If you use a pressure washer to rinse your siding, use it at low pressure and do not use it at close range. It will gouge your siding, leaving grooves and lines, or it will remove your paint.

Painting contractors have many different products at their disposal, but one of the best mildewcide washes that professional painters and pressure washing services use is JOMAX. If your Chicago area home has mildew or mold growing on the exterior, Painters USA can help you restore the look and health of your house. We have the equipment and knowledge to take care of your home properly.

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