Friday, July 06, 2012

How Do I Paint My Garage Door?

How Do I Paint My Garage Door?
Painted garage doors compliment the look of the house.

One of the fastest ways to change the “street view” of your home is to repaint the garage door. This project is not expensive, and is very doable by a mildly experienced do-it-yourselfer. The following steps will help you paint your wood or metal garage door with excellent results.

1. Clean and Prepare the Surface. If you have a metal door, a pressure washer works, but use a regular garden hose on wooden garage doors. A pressure washer pushes the water deep into the wood, which takes a long time to dry. Either way, you will need a mildly abrasive cleaner. TSP and water with a bit of bleach make a good combination. Scrub the door surfaces with a stiff brush to loosen contaminants, then rinse. If there is any loose paint, use a wire brush to remove it completely. Your new paint will only stick if it has a clean and abraded (scraped) surface.

2. Repair Damaged Portions. This is mostly for wooden garage doors. Use paintable exterior caulk to fill any gaps or cracks, so that water can’t enter. If there are small rotted patches, scrape out the damaged material and fill with wood filler. On a metal door, scrape any rusted areas.

3. Protect the Surrounding Area. Use tape and plastic to mask off the surrounding hardware, trim, siding and windows. Lay cardboard on the ground under the door to protect the driveway. Make sure that you protect hardware that would become clogged and stop working if paint enters.

4. Prime the Garage Door.  Use an exterior acrylic primer, and make sure it is recommended for your style of door (wood or metal). If you can, use a sprayer to apply the paint in a thin coat, as this produces the best results. If you cannot spray, then paint a thin coat with a roller and brush.

5. Paint the Door. Again, use a high-quality latex/acrylic paint, and spray it on for best results. Always allow the door to dry thoroughly before painting. You will probably want to plan on two coats, as this provides the best color retention and the longest-lasting finish.

6. Clean Up. Remove the tape, plastic and cardboard. If you have any paint on the glass, remove it with a flat razor blade. Now step back and enjoy!

If your garage door has complex details or is difficult to paint for some reason, you may want to contact a professional painter. Painters USA paints all kinds of garage doors, including wood, steel and aluminum, and we can even refinish a stained wooden garage door. We work throughout the Chicago area, including Wheaton, Mokena, Aurora, Naperville, Blue Island, Oak Lawn, Lincoln Park, Lansing, South Holland and Tinley Park.