Friday, June 22, 2012

Can I Paint Stucco? What Kind of Paint Should I Use?

Can I Paint Stucco? What Kind of Paint Should I Use? Can I Paint Stucco? What Kind of Paint Should I Use?

Here in the Chicago area, many homes and businesses have stucco on the exterior. This durable material is highly practical, and it can also be quite attractive. Many homeowners wonder, however, if stucco can be painted if it looks shabby or outdated. If your stucco building could use a new look, it can be painted or recoated in several different ways.

The most common method for painting stucco is to use elastomeric paints. This is a clay-based product that carries several significant advantages. Most importantly, elastomeric paints are waterproof, which will keep the stucco from absorbing moisture that could cause cracking, mildew and rot. Its flexibility allows it to move with the surface beneath it. This means that as materials expand and contract, the paint will not crack or peel. Also, if hairline cracks develop in the stucco, elastomeric paints will stretch and continue to cover the lines for a seamless appearance. Finally, elastomeric paints are fire-retardant, providing a layer of safety in case of fire.

Another option for restoring stucco is to apply a penetrating sealer with a colorant. This works much like a stain on wood, seeping into the stucco and adding color and protection. Alternatively, you can also apply a new coat of stucco over the old, with your desired color mixed into the material before you apply it.

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